Massage Techniques


There are two main types of Thai massage: the northern variant, and the southern variant. The latter, also known as Bangkok style, is more static and can be seen as harsher and less subtle.

Thai massage also uses more maneuvers than other massages, the whole body is manipulated, massaged and stretched to treat every impediment. The body is then in balance.

Thai massage uses the following techniques: yoga, massage, acupressure and stretching. You will also see certain techniques from Thai massage in other traditions and it may therefore seem familiar. The movements are similar to the Asanas of Yoga, the attention to the 

pressure points on Nadis from Ayurveda and the meridians from Chinese medicine. The yoga techniques also call Thai massage “Thai yoga massage”. In addition to the many varied yoga stretching exercises, soft pressure is exerted on the reflex points, stimulating the aura and internal organs. The limbs are stretched and bent back to make the body flexible. People are massaged with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees, the masseuse often using her full weight to perform the massage actions. The muscles are kneaded until all tension is driven from them.

As no oil is used in traditional Thai massage (as with some Thai massage variants) you can easily wear ordinary clothes. The massage is done on a couch or on a mattress on the floor.

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With traditional Thai Massage the body is brought back into balance. The massage aims to harmonize the body, loosen impasses and to eliminate deficiencies along the energy lines. Just as with traditional Chinese medicine, which uses acupuncture to manipulate the pressure, Thai massage stimulates the same points, but with a healing touch. That is why the points are subject to less tension, and life energy is given the opportunity to move freely.

The masseuse works on the physical body as well as influencing this energetic aspect. Starting at the feet and progressing to the head, the body will be manipulated and stretched. This combination of energetic and physical aspects is unique to Thai massage. This old style massage is described as a gift for the body (physical), the mind (spiritual) and the feelings (emotional). It can help to avert disease by removing impediments before they manifest themselves psychologically or physically and also for increasing flexibility.

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The effect of a Thai massage is unique, providing both relaxation and activation. These can prevent and resolve both physical and psychological complaints. The blood circulation and the lymph system are stimulated and optimized, this gives you energy and  conditions your immune system. Chronic fatigue, back and neck complaints, headache, stiff muscles and joints can also be remedied by Thai massage. It ensures relaxation of the tissues (skin, muscles, nerves and joints). It fights stress and reduces feelings of depression.  

On the spiritual and psychic level, it gives a feeling of continuity to the body; it provides flow and activates Chi (LOM).

The body regains ease of movement, flexibility and has a peaceful alertness. The joints are cleansed and relieved of tension, as are the muscles and connective tissue. Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for centuries both for the treatment of complaints and promoting well-being. This massage is good for everyone: young and old, active or inactive, healthy or unhealthy.


Thai massage techniques help the body to resume optimal performance and optimum health, which contributes to a sense of ease, well -being and good health.

The benefits of Thai massage also include: