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Traditional Thai Massage with or without oil

This is a traditional Thai massage, known in Thailand as Nuat Phaen Boran (นวดแผนโบราณ).

The traditional Thai massage is originally without oil, but many people outside Thailand find that too hard. That’s why we do this massage with oil. Without oil we can of course also do so. In addition, this massage will help you to balance the body when you visit our Salon Mue Thong Thai Massage in Kruibeke.

There are two main types of Thai massage: the northern variant, and the southern variant. The latter, also known as Bangkok style, is more static and can be seen as harsher and less subtle. Thai massage also uses more maneuvers than other massages, the whole body is manipulated, massaged and stretched to treat every impediment. The body is then in balance.

Thai massage uses the following techniques: yoga, massage, acupressure and stretching. You will also see certain techniques from Thai massage in other traditions and it may therefore seem familiar. The movements are similar to the Asanas of Yoga, the attention to the pressure points on Nadis from Ayurveda and the meridians from Chinese medicine. The yoga techniques also call Thai massage “Thai yoga massage”.

In addition to the many varied yoga stretching exercises, soft pressure is exerted on the reflex points, stimulating the aura and internal organs. The limbs are stretched and bent back to make the body flexible. People are massaged with hands, thumbs, elbows and knees, the masseuse often using her full weight to perform the massage actions. The muscles are kneaded until all tension is driven from them. As no oil is used in traditional Thai massage (as with some Thai massage variants) you can easily wear ordinary clothes.

thai aromatic oil massage

At this traditional Thai relaxation massage you can choose from 6 aromatic oils (Eucalyptus, Leelawadee, Sweet Almonds and various blends).

These are highly concentrated vegetable oils, also known as the so-called essential oils. The smells of the oils give a very relaxed feeling of rest. Breathing in the smell of this has a positive effect on heart rate, stress, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestive system and the immune system. In addition, the oil ensures even more relaxation and restoration of the energy balance, your body is well taken care of and is restored to balance. You’re feeling energetic again.


Through the massage techniques, attention is given to the meridians or energy channels of the body. The muscles, tendons and connective tissue are stimulated to activate the bloodstream and lymphatic system and thus to dispose of waste in the body.

Aromatherapy massage is also suitable if one is suffering from stress or emotional-related disorders, such as insomnia, headache, digestive disorders, premenstrual syndromes and back problems.

All in all, a wonderful massage to relax. The effect of this massage treatment is that you will feel totally relaxed and energetic afterwards.

The body is gently massaged. Ideal for people with stress complaints, but also when you just want to relax.


With this massage, your head, neck, shoulder and back are massaged to help resolve the stress-related complaints.

Stress complaints manifest in the areas of the back, shoulders, neck and head. In the anti-stress massage we concentrate on these areas, by massaging the muscles and making them loose and supple again. Muscles are cleaned from lactic acids, blood flow is promoted the rapped muscles function again. Thus the body is getting away from accumulated tension by too much adrenaline and cortisol and restores the balance between body and mind.

What is stress?
Too much pressure in your area will make you stress. It brings your body into a state of alertness. Your body is going to create adrenaline and cortisol that make you ready to act quickly. When primitive humanity was still living in wild nature, it was necessary to fight or flee in dangerous situations. The stress that we experience today is more about deadlines, full agenda, emotional tension etc. 

The energy that is built up to act physically is not used, so you stay in a tense state and you are constantly under tension physically, mentally and emotionally. The head, neck, shoulder and back massage is for a relaxing effect.

For those who would like to be massaged and relax. It’s especially nice to feel “empty” or tired after a busy week of work. But even if you feel good, healthy and comfortable, a relaxing massage can be wonderful.

In short, the relaxing body massage is as good as being suitable for everyone. A half-hour body massage focuses largely on the neck, shoulders, head, back and arms. The emphasis is on the relaxing effect of activating blood circulation and metabolism in addition to waste disposal.

If you have stress complaints, this massage is very suitable to reduce the complaints caused by stress.

Of course, we cannot solve the cause of your stress. Of course, you have to work on this yourself.

mother and child massage

Having a massage together with your child is not only fun, but also has other benefits. This is not so much about stimulating and relaxing the muscles, but much more about becoming aware of the body through positive touch. This in itself has a constructive effect on the general well-being of the child.

Other positive effects of this massage are:

  • Strengthening of the immune system by increasing the body’s natural resistance.
  • The promoting of proper sleep
  • Reducing tension and feelings of stress
  • Relaxing and restful
  • It improves digestion
  • Helpful for complaints such as headache, abdominal pain, fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, eczema and bedwetting
  • It supports the reduction of over-stimulation (high sensitivity, ADHD, ADD, autism, ODD)
  • The promotion of learning and the capacity for concentration.
  • It helps your body to experience its own boundaries
  • Helps to diminish fear or feelings of uncertainty
  • The stimulation of growth
  • The reduction of aggressive or rebellious behaviour
  • It stimulates activity during sport etc.